Coconut Dehusking Machines

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Coconut Dehusking Machines, Coconut Crush Machines and our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Coconut Crush Machine is regularly use in coir plant. This Machine used for making a raw material for coir. Also this machine used for Hotels, Small food industry (Laghu Udyog) etc. Available in various models as per requirement from 1/2 HP motor to 10 HP Motor.

  • Coconut dehusking machines is very popular machines
  • This machine is used more where there are more coconut like kerala, Tamil nadu & beach area
  • Coconut dehusking machines are various techiniques for coconut can be removed
  • Coconut dehusking machines are manual also but it is very time consumed process.
  • The labour cost spends and the time consumed can be consideraly decreated by increasing the usage of machines
  • Cocon grouers can not afford to own an automoted machines used in developed countries because of hight cost
  • This project attempt sin making a Dehusker which is affordable and also has higher prodyctivity.
  • The cost of coconut dehusking machines is also affordable.
  • coconut dehysking machines are sapecification two rotating shafts with spokes mouted on a fame this shafts are rotated by three phase and single phase motor.
  • When the coconut is placed between the spiked shafts rorating in opposite direction
  • coconut dehusking machines three phase and single phase induction motor with 1440 rpm shaft diameter 75 mm speed ratio 48:1
  • coconut dehusking machine has been .implemented in the field of agriculture to increase the productivity and reduce the requirement of skilled man power
  • The cost has been a barrier of small scale farmer in adapting to this technology
  • The future scope of this work is to overcome the limitation of coconut size that could be dehusked and automatethe process loading and unloading of the coconut